Grosvenor School Map & Directions

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One way system

Please use our one way system when coming to School from Town, Boundary Rd or Valley Rd. This ensures all parked cars face the same way and in the direction of the traffic. It also saves the delaying, blocking and potentially dangerous manoeuvre if crossing lanes in front of School and close to a main junction. Similarly, when departing to go South, please follow this route also.

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Parking and Junctions

All the side roads leading to the School are quite narrow but nonetheless busy. As a result it is vital that no-one parks within two cars' length of the junction to ensure safety of all using it, pedestrians and car occupants alike.

Parents should avoid parking within 15 metres of the Melton Rd/Grange Rd junction (on the south boundary of the School) and the Croft Rd junction. Residents on Grange Rd have the utmost difficulty in seeing clearly when they approach Melton Rd if cars are close to the junction.

Please do not park on Grange Rd. Parking should should be on the School side of Melton Rd, the south side of Croft Rd, north side of Endsleigh Gardens and south side of Boundary Rd.If parked at night, lights are needed on Melton Rd and cars should face towards Nottingham.

The zig zag lines and the vicinity of the gateway of 214 Melton Rd should be avoided.


Contact Details

Grosvenor School

Edwalton Grange
216-218 Melton Rd
NG12 4BS

Tel: 0115 9231184
Fax: 0115 9235184
Headmaster: Charles GJ Oldershaw


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Grosvenor School
Edwalton Grange, 216-218 Melton Rd, Edwalton, NG12 4BS

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Football Fields
Alford Rd, West Bridgford

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Cricket & Athletics
West Bridgford Rugby Club, Stamford Rd

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University Boulevard, Beeston Hockey Club, Beeston, Nottingham


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One way system

One way system

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